here are some new and cool pictures ....

Welcome to the Yugioh Naruto WikiEdit

this wiki is about narutopedia and yugiohpedia...

here you can see cool pictures

and you can help me by adding pages

this is something about naruto and yugioh

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  • new page Luna
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    New page: Add Video Add Image Luna, known as Ruka in the Japanese version, sometimes romanized as Luca, Luka, or Ruca, (see below), is Leo's fraternal twin...
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    Added photos:
  • new page Leo
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    New page: leo Leo, short for Leonard, known as Rua or Lua in the Japanese version (see below), is Luna's twin brother, and was one of the Signers who possessed...
  • discussion page Hi
    comment by Goncasdio


    Hi, how are you ? I am a bureucrat an admnitor of and I want to know if i can import and traduce some of your pages. ... 

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